That One Summer, LLC is owned and operated by Tom Chlebowski.


That's me!



I am the major contributor to all of That One Summer's projects, but some projects require the aid of assistants and/or contractors.  No matter who is handling any given project, my standard of quality governs the results.


My formal education is in accounting, and I worked in the field for nine years.  With regards to what I do now, I'm self-taught and always learning.


My ultimate goal with That One Summer is to create instead of consume.


Many thanks for stopping by!




For scheduling, we have the lovely Chris(ty) Meyer.  If you want to book me, direct your calls/texts/emails to her.  See the contact page for info.



If she doesn't immediately answer, she should get back to you within an hour or so.


She can also give you general information about rates and times.




Erin Kaffenberger is your go-to person for real estate flyers.  Her design skills are responsible for our high-quality print materials.  After you've scheduled an appointment with us, feel free to fill out a flyer order form and get in touch with Erin.



Erin, as a graphic designer and owner of Kaffcorp Media, does much more than produce our flyers.  Check out her website, www.kaffcorpmedia.com, to learn more!


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