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How should a home be prepared?


Less is more!  Keep as few things on your surfaces as possible.  That includes the floor, the counters (kitchen and bathroom), desk tops, etc.  Think of your house as a showroom.


Closets, unfinished areas, and the garage are great places to hide things.  Those areas won't be photographed unless requested.


To prepare a house for twilight photos, please follow this guide.

Can we move things from one room to another as the photographer makes their way around?


That depends.  For normal photography, yes.  if you can't find enough storage to hide things for the photoshoot, we can move items to rooms that aren't currently being photographed.  Keep in mind that we may have to move pretty quickly.


For video capture: things will need to be well hidden to stay out of sight of a moving camera, as opposed to a still camera.  If you want real estate video, please be sure to have the house as clutter-free as possible.


For aerial photos / video: the whole exterior of the house needs to be photo-worthy.  That is, no moving of items will be possible once the UAV (drone) is in the air.

How long does a photoshoot take?


About 25 - 60 minutes, as determined by the size of the home.  Very large houses may take longer.  We work under the assumption that the house is ready to be photographed in the state it is in when the photographer arrives for the scheduled shoot.

Does this decoration look better than that one?

Should this room have / lack a certain item?


We cannot say one way or the other with any authority!  Tom has seen thousands and thousands of houses, and among those has seen houses decorated and staged by professionals with contradictory styles.  If you think it looks good, go with it.

Who owns the photographs and/or video?


United States copyright law states that a photographer / videographer has automatic copyright on a photo / footage the moment they press the shutter / "record" button.  The exception is if the photograph / footage is part of a work made for hire.


The photographs / footage that we take are NOT works made for hire, and, as such, the copyright to the material remains with That One Summer LLC.

How can I use the photos?


By paying for our services, That One Summer LLC and Tom Chlebowski extend a license to you to use the resulting material only for the purpose of 1.) selling / leasing / renting the property photographed / captured and 2.) promoting your products and services in both electronic and physical media.  This license does not have a time limit.


This license does NOT include the ability to use our material as part of another work for sale or other form of profit.  If you have a question concerning what you may use our material for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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