Twilight Photography


Twilight photography for homes needs to occur at a balance between ambient light from the fading sun and the artificial lighting coming from the home.  The period of time when the light is just right is short.  As such, this page exists to help the agent and/or the homeowner to prepare for twilight photography.


·· It should be noted that twilight photography works best with homes that have plenty of exterior lighting.


·· If the agent or homeowner will be there to prepare the home, Tom will show up about 15 minutes after sunset.  You can find the sunset time with a quick Google search.  He will begin photographing shortly thereafter.


·· If no one will be there to prepare the home, Tom must be informed so that he can arrive earlier and prepare it himself.  He is isn't informed, he may show up without enough time to turn on the lights and start photographing while the light is right.


·· Preparation consists of turning on all exterior lights, as well as all interior lights in rooms with a window.  We don't want any dark windows.  This includes the garage (if it has windows).  It also means that blinds and drapes need to be opened to let the light out.  You can see how well the house is prepared by stepping outside and looking for dark windows.  Tom will photograph the front and back of the house, so make sure the back of the house is prepared, as well.  Don't forget the pool light!


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